Saturday, August 13, 2011

On Fire!

My plane ride to Deadhorse got cancelled today, and is rescheduled for Monday, August 15th due to high E winds making for a dangerous boat-to-boat transfer. Therefore, I hiked Glen Alps again in the Chugach State Park where we saw the Wolverine. This time I was after Northern Wheatear.

Upon pulling into the parking lot, I saw a car on fire.
Obviously this was a good start. I hiked in alone without bear spray and played around on Wheatear habitat until I got bored of the lack of Wheatears. I then hiked back, picking luscious Blueberries and scarfing them down on the way. I also took time to photograph a curious Golden-crowned Sparrow.
A sparrow with a golden crown.
I also finally saw some butterflies. A few Milberts Tortoiseshells and what appears to be a Green Comma.
I also saw a very large moose who took the time to examine my every move as I walked by.

So, now that I have the weekend to do whatever I want, Luke DeCicco and I are going to spend the day birding our way down to Homer tomorrow, and on Sunday we are joining a few others who wish to look for the Long-billed Murrelets that have been around for multiple months. Even if we don't get the target, Kittlitz's Murrelet is pretty much a guarantee as long as I keep my eyes open, and other sweet birds will be around too. 

Here is to hoping some of my good luck lasts for the LBMU!

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