Thursday, February 16, 2012

Huachuca Spotted Owl

Yesterday (2/15), we sprung a flat tire on our way to survey. This required a trip to Sierra Vista to get the tire replaced. Since we were in the area, we decided we should at least attempt to find a Spotted Owl, so we searched Scheelite Canyon in the Huachucas.

We hiked up the steep, rocky canyon scouring every suitable roost tree, until Garrett mentioned "Hmm, there is a lot of white-wash here...". We looked up and gazed into the brown nether-regions of a Spotted Owl. Repositioning ourselves gave us a more pleasing view. Of course, I had no intention of being in the Huachucas yesterday, so I did not have my camera. Here is a Spotted Owl from 2006.

We also bummed around lower Garden Canyon and scored a snazzy Townsend's Warbler sporting his spring colors.

Tomorrow, after surveys (if it doesn't rain), we leave for Sandia Crest in New Mexico!

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  1. Rule #1 - always take your camera. Spotted Owls love being photograhed