Monday, June 4, 2012

More Visitors

It has been an exciting week. A couple new camp birds, new co-workers, and a few nests.

What is up with all the southern overshoots? On May 31st I found a Yellow Warbler looking quite out of place.

On June first, another overshoot! This American Robin was the second Thrush to make it our way this season.

The shorebirds have really come back and are making their presence known. Bar-tailed Godwits can be heard "singing" through all hours of the day (and night if you can call it that). Semipalmated Sandpipers are paired up or are actively fighting for mates. Red-necked Phalaropes have been observed getting it on in broad daylight. Still, no shorebird nests, but it has to be any day now.

I did manage to find 2 Lapland Longspur nests today, each with one egg. Brad found a Long-tailed Jaeger nest in the same location as last year. Geese are nesting, and I saw an unlucky nest get predated by the ever present Red Fox. It's a tough life on the tundra...

Arctic Terns came back and are setting up territories. I watched this pair at our pond right outside the Weather Port. I can never seem to get the right exposure on these gray and white birds. Maybe one day I'll get a good photo.

I've been stalking the Stilt Sandpipers, but they still elude the perfect picture.

The busy season is quickly approaching. I'm looking forward to finding the shorebird nests!

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