Saturday, September 8, 2012

Playing With Puffins

...and Auklets. I ventured to the seabird colony on the North end of the mountain and climbed around a bit. With no rare birds from Asia around, this helped past the time, and it was a beautiful night!

Crested Auklets were the most numerous. At this time of year, they have lost most of their crest.

Horned Puffins were flying by at close range.

Horned Puffins are also numerous.

On my way back, this Parakeet Auklet was posed quite nicely, and allowed very close approach! He wasn't bothered by me at all.

I won't be posting much until something exciting happens, which could be a while. North or Northeast winds projected until at least the 16th (a long away to be predicting winds... but still). Stay tuned.

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