Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eastern Whip-poor-will

While trouncing around Fenner Nature Center today in Ingham County, I flushed a strange beast. It took me about 5-6 times of it flying until I finally caught it sitting still on a log. Whip-poor-will is an extremely good bird in Ingham County. I've heard reports of birds seen/heard but they are mostly from quite some time ago, and very sporadic. I've never found one in the day before, and only actually seen one or two before, so this was quite exciting. I was able to show it to a few other birders as well.

While keeping my distance as to not flush the bird again, I managed to get some good photos while trying out my dads monopod. The photographic conditions were terrible. Luckily with my fixed lens, monopod and the cropping capabilities of photoshop, I managed a few decent pics. However, I was interrupted when a White-throated Sparrow nearly landed on him, spooking him to a new spot.
Eastern Whip-poor-will thinking I can't see him.
Glad at least a few intrepid souls got to see him. Who knows where he will stop next.


  1. David - a beautiful bird and a great find!

  2. What an awesome find! Good luck in AK!