Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Most Expensive Trip to Maple River Ever!

What do my Jeep, spotting scope and laptop all have in common? That is correct, they are all broken.

Got my loaner scope from Zeiss today after I complained that it has been over 7 weeks and no news about my scope. I told them I needed one for Alaska and this is unacceptable. The obvious move was to go check out some foul at Maple River. About 10 miles outside of Lansing the Jeep decided to crap out on me, damn water pumps. Well that was $350 I hadn't planned on spending today.

The past few days have been great for migrants in Ingham. The most notable were Brown Thrasher, Yellow-rumped Warblers (2) and Field Sparrow. Ingham is lousy with Fox Sparrows right now, more than I can shake a stick at. Sapsuckers are really sucking right now, they seem to be everywhere, and Winter Wrens are here too.

Since my laptop is also broken, these pictures are all unedited except a quick crop.

Black Duck chillin'

A pished-off Junco

First Field Sparrow of the year
The way things are going, the next thing to break will either be my camera... or maybe an arm.

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