Saturday, July 16, 2011

Dingy Fritillary

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out for a couple hours, and although it was really windy, a few butterflies were flying around. I ended with 6 species, and was able to confirm that Hecla and Labrador Sulphur have both been flying with Booth's. I also snagged a new species for me, a Dingy Fritillary. The list below.

Booth's Sulphur
Labrador Sulphur
Hecla Sulphur
Frigga Fritillary
Polaris Fritillary
Dingy Fritillary
Dingy Fritillary Boloria improba - The Alaska subspecies resembles Frigga Fritillary below, but is about half the size and isn't as contrasty. Also, the top side is very dark compared to the other Fritillarys flying on the slope.
Very dark upperside.
Here is to hoping for more sunny days. I will be going to some different habitat on the next sunny day. It sure would be nice to find Banded Alpine or Disa Alpine...

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