Monday, July 4, 2011

Red-throated Loon

We have been monitoring 2 Red-throated Loon nests, and one has a pretty cooperative bird. I was able to sneak up on one of the birds and managed a series of 150+ pictures of this gorgeous bird. Here is a quick edit of one of them.
Breeding Red-throated Loon in evening light. I'm quite happy with this one.

Still lots of shorebird chicks hatching and running around, trying to avoid Jaegers (I saw 20+ Long-tailed Jaegers on South Plot today). I also got attacked by a female Rock Ptarmigan that I almost stepped on whilst she was incubating her 10 eggs. She made a flight for my face, luckily I dodged the attempt.

Happy 4th of July! Drink a beer for me if you are celebrating today. I know I would be.


  1. Stunning! I am pretty sure I did drink a beer on the 4th, and if I had read this post before then, I would have at least given you a toast!

  2. Just beautiful David, just got my first one here in Texas in winter plumage. How lucky you are to get it in breeding plumage. Beautiful shot!