Saturday, November 5, 2011

Where I am, and Where I'll be

Many of you know I'll be doing a winter seabird/marine mammal observer position in Alaska from now until near Christmas. What you may not know is exactly where I'll be. Well, it just so happens you can follow my every move aboard the USCGC Healy with a few WWW links.

This first webpage puts up a picture every hour of where the boat is. Basically, you see what the ship is seeing at that time. It is pretty neat. As I type this, it is sitting in Seward, my destination for tomorrow.

This second link tracks where the ship is using the boat's navigation system. You can follow me every hour and know exactly where the boat is. My journey will take me from Seward, through the Bering Sea, and into the Chukchi, so it could be fun to keep up with.

I leave for Seward tomorrow. It appears I will slow, although usable internet service for the entire trip, and a lot of down time, which may result in some pretty entertaining blog posts. Stay tuned.

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