Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Whilst packing and cleaning before our early departure tomorrow, Lucas went outside to pack up the car. Moments later the word "RINGTAIL!" was yelled, and all the techs rushed outside. Lo and behold, this Ringtail was about as shocked to see us as we were him. After enjoying his company for a minute, I decided it was time for a crash course in night photography. I think this picture sums up the night pretty well!

Definitely one of the cooler animals I have ever seen. This little guy wasn't on my radar!

Tomorrow morning we leave the El Coronado Ranch early and head to Florida Canyon to pick up Rufous-capped Warbler, and whatever else may be around. While not a lifer, it sure would help on my quest for 500 ABA birds this year, and it is a darn good lookin' warbler to boot!

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  1. Can it get any better? And it is just January 12.
    Cool looking mammal.