Monday, January 30, 2012

The Streak Ends

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. With all the good luck I was having chasing birds, one had to get away. Yesterday, 1/29, we chased the Streak-backed Oriole in Tubac, AZ. As I was fully expecting to see the bird, it hurt deep down when Garrett and I missed the bird by 9 minutes, and hurt even more knowing it was being seen for 30 minutes while we were there! It was also re-found today, driving the knife even deeper. If it sticks, we will make the 3 hour drive on Saturday to try once again.

The birding hasn't been all that bad. We checked out Cienega Creek Preserve (permit required) on the 28th and the birding was phenomenal! We saw great birds such as Black-throated Gray Warbler, Gray Hawk (previously reported), Eastern Phoebe (continuing) and the Common and Ruddy Ground Doves. Speaking of Ground Doves, we saw this one perched up and thought Ruddy due to the grayish bill and lack of any scaling on the breast. What do you think?

This Hutton's Vireo also was in the preserve, and quite curious.

Earlier in the week, we had to drive to Bisbee to pick some stuff up for work, and the San Pedro House is right on the way. We dipped on the Winter Wren, but did find an American Goldfinch. Actually a decent bird for Arizona.

We have now moved from the Sonoita area over to Whitewater Draw where we will finish the season. Tomorrow we survey around Willcox. Here is to hoping that Oriole stays until Saturday!

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