Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sparrows and Warblers

The Robin seems to have taken off (or died), but new birds continue to arrive here in Gambell. The storm that produced some nice SW/SE winds is over and dropped some more goodies, mostly from the mainland. However, another Brambling joined the group now totaling 3 birds in the near boneyard.

In addition, a Wilson's Warbler was discovered in old town on 10/5, a species that somewhat regularly strays to Gambell. It continued on 10/6.

Also on 10/5 was a red Fox Sparrow in the near boneyard near the runway. On 10/6, a Dark-eyed Junco appeared in old town, the first for the year in Gambell. A juvenile White-crowned Sparrow was seen among the bones in old town.

The winds have now switched to the north and it looks like they will remain there for the rest of my stay. There still may be a few goodies kicking around and I'll continue to work the boneyards at least once a day. I leave on the morning of 10/12 and get to Michigan on 10/13.


  1. Hey Dave-

    Not sure how I missed the fact that you're on Gambell, but congrats on the Robin (and all the other sweet stuff you've found)!

  2. Sparrows and robins are domestic birds. They love to live close to houses. Robins has a very beautiful voice.