Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Robin...

People a lot more knowledgeable about Rufous-tailed/Siberian Blue Robin are questioning the identification of the Gambell Robin. I'm posting additional pictures for reference, and some of my field notes as well:

- I never saw a BRIGHT red tail on the many times the bird flushed. It appeared brown, but when sitting the rump had some rufous, the same color as the rufous on the wings.

- The bird frequently fluttered its tail/wings. This was especially apparent when I went back the second time to take more photos. When the bird skulked away, it hunched over and ducked its head while running. It reminded me of the ammodramus sparrows when running away.

- I was shocked at how small this bird appeared from the Catharus thrushes I am used to seeing.

- The bird was very active, moving quickly and making short flights. It did not seem particularly shy and often perched in the open and on rims of holes or bones, as apparent in my photos.

Below are some of the photos I took of the bird. I have more if needed. All taken 10/2/2012. The bird was not present 10/3.

I'd love to hear comments on this bird from those with experience. They can be sent to

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