Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cleaning Up

As I'm attempting a run at 500 ABA birds for the year, I figured I would try to clean up some of the more common species around Michigan present right now, especially the ducks. My dad and I hit Muskegon, and we hit it hard. As we sifted through the rafts of year birds that are the "sea-ducks", we noted a female Harlequin Duck chillin' with the Long-tailed Ducks near the end of the lighthouse. This was at Pere Marquette. We could see it from the "safe" part of the pier, but to get some documentation for all the non-believers, we journeyed to the end. I left my camera in the car because I am an idiot, so props to my dad for clicking this pic.

Harlequin Duck hanging with his homies
I may attempt to find American Black Duck and Hooded Merganser tomorrow around Lansing for 2 more year birds. It should get crazy, stay tuned.

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