Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June Snow Showers

The first week of June ended with scattered snow showers and persistent winds. It also ended with the first Dunlin nest of the season. It looks like the winds might pick up to 30mph tomorrow and the next few days so this might get pretty crazy.

I found another nest a few days ago, but we aren't sure what it is. I found it with one egg and the nest bowl was slightly covered with vegetation. Now there are 3 eggs and there is a huge mat of vegetation over the nest; you would never even see it if you didn't know it was there. There is a Long-tailed Duck pair in the area, but the eggs look too big for them. Hopefully the next few days will reveal who the culprit is.
Mystery Nest. Who wants to take a guess?
The sun came out a few nights ago for a brief few minutes. I took the opportunity to photograph some camp shorebirds.
Ruddy Turnstone in evening light.
This Black-bellied Plover didn't turn out as nicely, it wouldn't let me approach as closely as the Turnstone.
Black-bellied Plover keeping just far enough away to piss me off.
I know I keep saying it, but I'll try to get pictures of the actual science in this camp soon. I hate changing lenses in the field, though. Till then, peace!

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  1. Goose or eider? Eider should have a lot of feathers though...

    Just wait until you get snow on the 4th of July like we did. peace. c.