Sunday, June 26, 2011

More Arctic Butterflies

It was a somewhat nice day on the tundra, with sun interspersed with clouds and wind. This resulted in bugs, and butterflies. I saw a Booth's Sulphur again today, this one looked like a more typical Booth's.
Booth's Sulphur hiding from wind.
While doing shorebird nest checks, I also saw a Fritillary bouncing around. Of course, almost all Fritillarys look the same from above, and this one wouldn't fold up his or her wings.

The only logical thing I could think to do was to take my jacket off, sneak up on the critter once it landed, and pounce over it with camera in hand and hope to catch the underside of the bug. Worked like a charm.
As for the identity of this Fritillary, I'm gonna call this a Polaris Fritillary due to the "white dashes cutting through dark marginal area" and the "postmedian row of round black spots set off by paler areas". Kaufman says they fly only in even numbered years in most areas, but in odd numbered years in a few places. Last time I checked, 2011 is an odd numbered year, so I'll assume I am in one of those few places where Polaris Fritillary likes to fly in odd years. I'd be willing to hear out some other opinions though.

Well, we just got a new shipment of food, and even got some pie smuggled in, so I'm going to load up on sugar, bacon and freeze dried eggs. Later.

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