Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A New Twist

Today I stumbled over a butterfly trying to hide from the wicked 20-25mph east winds. I've determined the identity of this Sulphur to be a Booth's Sulphur. It doesn't fit perfectly in the Kaufman Guide, but it isn't anything else, and I'm not about to claim a new species. I'm pretty pumped about the possibility of seeing some new butterflies, especially since I only saw a few Frigga Fritillary in Barrow. There are some cool possibilities.
Booth's Sulphur- Picked a bad day to hatch
We are finding a lot of new nests lately. It seems Ruddy Turnstones have just started nesting, along with Red and Red-necked Phalaropes. A couple members of the goose crew who have been helping us out are leaving for a couple weeks, so we are stuck doing everything. We are already over our heads in work, and not all of our birds are going to get banded. Good thing this is pilot year, they will know they need more people next year.

For the amount of people we have, and the amount of work possible, we are doing really well. The boss is happy, therefore I am happy.

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