Saturday, June 18, 2011

Night Photo Session

Went on a midnight photo rage last night since we had some good light. Had a few target birds. Although I didn't get THE picture of a Red Phalarope, this one turned out half-way decent.
This Long-tailed Jaeger didn't like me walking even semi-close to his mate incubating their egg. It allowed for some good action shots.
This next photo is pretty heavily edited, more so than I usually do.
The almost perfect picture.
And finally, my favorite of the night, Mr. Red-necked Phalarope. Soon his job will be incubating eggs while his female runs off and jumps the bones of multiple other male Phalaropes.
It looks better in full resolution.
I seem to be having a hard time getting exposure correct on a lot of my pictures lately. Not sure what seems to be the issue. Maybe I just fail when it comes to photography. My strategy is take a couple hundred pictures with different settings and hope a couple turn out.

We have banded 19 birds so far. Semipalmated Sandpipers way outnumber the Dunlin and Pectoral Sandpipers. Phalaropes are just starting to nest, so hopefully in the next week we will have them to deal with as well.

16 hour+ work days are really doing a number on me. Only 47 more loooong work days until I return to Michigan. Not sure I really want to.

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