Friday, May 20, 2011

Snow Birding

Finally got camp mostly setup. Here is a picture from yesterday when the weatherport was almost setup.
It is a crap-load of work getting everything situated for camp and field work, but we are almost there. Went out to see if any new arrivals came along with the nice weather, and I found a banded Ruddy Turnstone. Seeing as birds haven't been banded at this camp for 10+ years, it must be from a different site, maybe it was banded during migration. Either way, here are some pics.
Lower left is Yellow, lower right Metal. But wait...
There appears to be a grayish band on the upper right tarsus. No gray band is ever used. It shows up in a few of my pictures, so it does appear to be there. I hope this bird sticks around and nests so I can catch it! I'll let you know more when I find out who banded it!
One Semipalmated Sandpiper was also with the Turnstones, the first one for the camp this year. Ptarmigan are really common, and Willow is supposed to be the most common. However, I can't help but think most of the ones I am seeing are Rock. I'll post more pictures of the molting ones later, but here is an all white one!
Haven't looked into this one, but Rock seems to be most common. This might be Willow, but call was deep and not nasaly.
Of course, Snow Buntings are around, and seem to have taken a liking to our connex.
And today is the first day I've seen Lapland Longspurs around. Here is mediocre picture of a snazzy one.
Still a ton of field gear to unpack, sort and protocol to go over, and we need to start snow surveys ASAP. The days are going to be uber busy.

Laptop is dying and recharge only happens once in a few days, so next post might be a few days. Check back often!

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